Josh Schwartz


Growing up, Dr. Schwartz was consistently called his dog’s name by his mother. He was convinced as a child that his name was Otis Schwartz. He graduated from Temple University for his undergraduate studies, and then University of the Sciences in Philadelphia for his doctorate in physical therapy, where he graduated with distinction.

Dr. Schwartz was lucky enough to marry a veterinarian and has enjoyed a growing family, including a three-legged, adorable cat from the streets of Philadelphia named Bunny Hot Sauce, an island dog from Granada named Flex whose favorite food is anything from the refrigerator, a turtle named Noel, who was the size of a sand dollar but now needs a 100 gallon tank and enjoys time under a heat lamp, a Sun Conure named Maui, who loves baths, dancing and making kissing and laughing sounds, and a Tabitha cat named Tigger, who is the oldest of the bunch, but like Vanna White, never ages. Their house is a house full of love.

A natural combination of passion for the body’s structure and function and care for animals brought Dr. Schwartz to Beach Animal Rehabilitation. He brings experience in treating humans following surgeries, injuries or cumulative strain on the body and orthopedics. Taking his experience with humans, continuing education and inquisitive spirit to work at BARC, Dr. Schwartz has now found the most remarkable patients/clients/family members. He is excited to meet and treat your two, three or four legged family member and help them on their way to improved health and happiness.