Thank you for all you do for our four-legged family members! A few years back you came to our house to evaluate our German Shepard, Suzie. You also gave her acupuncture and some manipulation while you were here. You were so loving and patient. You noticed something didn’t feel right and suggested we take her for X-rays. You were very right and unfortunately, she was riddled with tumors. We can’t thank you enough for the love you gave her at the time. If we are ever in need, there is no place else we we go to other than BARC.
Bunny & Neal H
The people here are so tuned into the animals. My boy fell asleep during treatment. The greeting you get when you walk in the door is so warm. The vet tech ...he is so kind to the dogs. The doctors are so understanding and they explain every step of the treatment. Laser, Acupuncture, Full Measures on the consultation! No skipping to save money and no BS.....I was recommended to another Dog Rehabilitation in Orange County and I regret that I bothered with them. This establishment and the staff here washed away that last experience at the place in OC and I now have hope again for Chase to recover faster! B.A.R.C gave me.homework to do at home and hands on instructions on how to massage Chase and stretch and ice him every night! LOVE THEM!!!
Danielle L.
I can't say enough wonderful things about Beach Animal Rehabilitation Center!! My dog Jack is 11 years old and out of the blue he was unable to walk, unassisted & without holding a sheet underneath him to brace his back legs. He was in so much pain and suffering, that I had scheduled that dreaded appointment with his vet to be put down. They suggested BARC. THANKFULLY he was squeezed in for an emergency evaluation and Dr. Craig told us to cancel that appointment and that she could get him at least 50% better in 2 weeks! 2 weeks went by and let me tell you I saw a 1000% improvement in Jack!! He no longer needed to be braced to walk or go potty. Jack had acupuncture and physical therapy with Dr Voulgaris and Erin and eventually progressed to under water treadmill. Jack is now a "graduate" of BARC He's back to his original self, silly, playful and acting as if he's a puppy again!
Tina L.
I highly recommend BARC to anyone that requires extra care services for their pet! The staff is incredible and everyone always makes us feel so welcome every time we come. My dog JoJo had knee surgery, so we did physical therapy and hydrotherapy (underwater treadmill). Everyone from the vets, the physical therapists, the rehab assistants, and all of the front staff go above and beyond to make sure that your pet is cared for like their own! The progress JoJo has made thanks to BARC is incredible and I recommend them to everyone!
Alyssa A.
I was very apprehensive when bring my dog to BARC. Not because of BARC itself, but the whole idea of rehab for a dog was foreign to me ( which I realize now is ridiculous). My dog, Georgia, is an orthopedic mess. Back, neck, hip, and elbow issues. Shes already had one surgery and was desperate to avoid another one if possible. She's also very shy and growls. The moment we walked in for her first appointment, she was completely respected and cared for. They move slow and only do what the pet allows. They're not only patient with the pet but also with the owner. I've bombarded them with questions and concerns, and never once did I feel as if I was annoying them or asking them something stupid. 6 weeks into physical therapy and Georgia is a whole new dog. She is almost 5 years old and never have I seen her have more energy or confidence. I can't praise this place enough. They turned my dog that had been painful and cranky her whole life into a happy and comfortable dog, and that's something you really can't thank someone for enough.
Aicha M.
Our beloved boy Briggs (12 year old, 80 lb Labrador Retriever) had two surgeries for herniated disks. Two in his neck and two in his lower back. Beach Animal Rehabilitation Center (BARC) was recommended to us by his back surgeon, Dr. Wayne Berry from Southern California Veterinary Hospital. You couldn't ask for a better group of people to help with the rehabilitation of your pet. Everyone there is wonderful and treat you and your pet like family. Briggs worked with everyone there. He had acupuncture, laser therapy, physical therapy and water therapy. They are all top of their game at BARC. We have since recommended them to several friends, coworkers and dog rescues. If you are looking for top quality care by people who will love your pet as their own, this is the place to go. I just cannot say enough good things about them.
Victoria M.
This place is a godsend. Our 11 year old Cocomo was having mobility issues and we were recommended here. With the amazing physical therapy that was provided along with the expertise, he is much more limber and his gait much improved. We still come to keep him limber and to be in the best shape he can be.
Pamela P.
I cannot say enough great things about BARC. We brought our 12-yr old dog to BARC after spinal surgery to decompress a ruptured disc. Deciding on surgery was difficult and during the time it took to try medical management and then be evaluated and get worked up for surgery, he lost a significant amount of function. In the last days before his surgery he was unable to walk or stand up to go potty. Pretty much as soon as the neurologist cleared him, we began therapy at BARC. Not only had our dog become physically deconditioned, he seemed to have lost any will or desire to do the things he could do before the surgery. The staff at BARC assured us that they could get him walking again, and they did it in less than a month! Not only is he now able to walk and even run short distances, he has his "spark" back, which means even more to us. The facility is new, clean, and gorgeous. Our dog does physiotherapy, underwater treadmill, laser therapy and occasionally acupuncture, but they offer many more services tailored to your pet's condition and your goals. They also offer doggie day care and now have Saturday appointments available. We, unfortunately, did not have pet insurance but I know their services are covered under many pet insurance plans. *All* of the staff are supportive, encouraging, and clearly love what they do, which shows in the care they provide. My dog gets so excited when he knows he's on his way to BARC and loves the therapy techs, particularly his girl, Kat. We started therapy after surgery, but I would strongly encourage an appointment with BARC as part of the decision-making process to see if surgery is really the best option for your pet.
Sydney M.
I came to the center with my doberman to assess some behavioral issues she has been having. We met with Dr. Deb and she was amazing with my dobie. She explained to me a plan of supplements and care to help my doberman with anxiety as well as frustration. What I loved most about our meeting was Dr. Deb explained the possibilities of WHY this behavior could be occurring and solutions to get to the root of the issue verses just prescribing medication to treat an issue. The best way I can explain it if you would go to a doctor with a headache, they would typically prescribe you tylenol etc, instead of possibly taking the time to figure out what is causing the headaches. Getting the tylenol is just a bandaid but not necessarily helping to prevent further headaches. I think figuring out the why is more important than treating the what and that is exactly the way Dr. Deb approached our meeting. I am very nervous about leaving my doberman anywhere. She has never boarded, gone to a daycare and I rarely leave her with anyone other than myself or close friends to take care of. After meeting with the staff at the center, I could see and experienced first hand their vast knowledge and understanding of animal behavior. My doberman gave subtle signs of being nervous during our initial exam, and they had such an ease with addressing her, catering to her and making her feel comfortable. I look forward to her appointments and the ease I have leaving her in their care is something I never thought I could experience after owning her for 7 1/2 years. The facility is filled with wonderful people like Dr Amy and the ENTIRE team. They are genuine, caring and down-to-earth and not to mention the center is beautiful, bright, clean and welcoming. I truly believe I found a gem when I stepped through the doors at Beach Animal Rehabilitation Center.
Lyndsey M.
The most wonderful PT clinic/Rehab center ever!! I cannot say enough about this place - Dr. Kramer is the most compassionate, knowledgeable, loving, caring, intelligent, interactive and wise professional I've ever met!! She is the BEST PT EVER, and has been the catalyst for the many countless miracle recoveries that I've had the pleasure of witnessing first hand at this most amazing clinic! ALL of the PT Assistants, Veterinarians, Aides, and support Staff that work here are true hero's in my eyes, and in my dog, Willow's eyes as well! Willow went to BARC not being able to walk, struggling to even stand up, struggling to breathe, and not having control of her bladder. In the 2+ months that she has been receiving PT and acupuncture treatments there weekly, she has improved leaps and bounds and can now walk for over a block, is completely continent, and is breathing normally, sleeping normally, and is the happiest I've ever seen her! She is continuing to get stronger and build her endurance and we can't thank the angels at BARC enough for enhancing Willow's life, and in turn, brightening up our lives as well!
Tina L.
From start to finish my pups (and I) have had top notch experiences at Beach Animal Rehabilitation Center. Selecting BARC for my golden retriever's maintenance care was the best decision I ever could have made! Our girl suffers from hip dysplasia and our boy has neck and shoulder issues. They are thriving and have mobility I never would imagined. The amazing staff and trained professionals at BARC have given my goldens an improved quality of life and I am so very grateful to all at BARC. The facility is thoughtfully designed and spotless. And the grooming center makes BARC a 'one stop' shop; so convenient! The staff have been absolutely amazing with their kind words and assistance at each visit. If you want professional, compassionate, experienced and competent care for your furry friends- Beach Animal Rehabilitation Center is your place!!!
Sue M.
“I rescue senior dogs. Even in the best of health, the bigger ones need help as they get older. I found Dr. Voulgaris by a fluke. I was getting ready to go to another rehab center in Los Angeles when someone told me about Dr. Voulgaris. I canceled my other appointment and took my 13 year old boy who was struggling with hind-end issues to see Dr. V. Opie is a very anxious dog. He’s not easy to work with yet Dr. Voulgaris was able to figure him out. Her evaluation techniques are remarkable. She knew what was going on before I told her. She is patient and compassionate. Her varied therapies are a direct result of her outside-the-box thinking. Mostly she doesn’t panic when I think we’ve hit a roadblock and she doesn’t give up. If one thing doesn’t work, she’ll try something else. I don’t think Opie would still be walking if not for Dr. Voulgaris.”
Susan H.