Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (DITI) or thermography, is a highly sensitive diagnostic test that scans and measures infrared radiation, or heat, at the body’s skin surface. These measurements are translated into an accurate graphic image called a ‘thermogram’.  In healthy individuals, the thermogram shows up as a unique thermal ‘fingerprint’ with a high degree of symmetry between right and left sides of the body. However, in times of dysfunction or disease, this thermal pattern is altered alerting us to a potential problem. While it is not intended to replace other diagnostic imaging tests recommended by your general veterinarian, its value is in its ability to screen and detect dysfunction earlier, in many cases weeks before it would be detectable by other diagnostic tests.

Thermography is:
● Non-invasive
● Cost effective
● FDA approved
● Radiation free
● Does not require sedation or anesthesia
● Can be done in your home or barn

We use Thermography to:

● Monitor wellness, healing and response to treatment
● Detect infections, malignancies, stress fractures, ligament, tendon, or muscle sprains/strains
● Evaluate pain, neurological and Vascular dysfunction and inflammatory processes

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