Modalities In rehabilitation this can include the following: LASER therapy which helps decrease inflammation, reduce pain, and improve wound healing. Therapeutic Ultrasound which can be used to decrease tightness in muscles, increase blood flow or to drive medicine into an area. Electrical Stimulation which can be used to re-educate muscles that have atrophied or reduce spasms and pain.  The Assisi Loop, a Non-Pharmaceutical Anti-Inflammatory Device (NPAID) used to decrease pain and inflammation and increase blood flow to promote healing.
Therapeutic Exercises, Gait Training & Balance and Strengthening Our doctors of physical therapy and veterinarians design a set of exercises that are most effective in each patient’s rehabilitation. The exercises may be directed at helping the patient with strengthening specific muscles, stretching to increase flexibility, learning how to regain the feeling and use of a foot or limb or improve their weight bearing to be equal on both sides.  Interactive equipment is often used and may include the use of the land treadmill, rocker board, peanuts, and cavaletti poles.
Manual Therapy Manual therapy at BARC is performed on your pet by a licensed physical therapist that is trained in using their hands to repair dysfunction. This can include stretching, soft tissue work, joint mobilization, trigger point release, and range of motion treatments.
Splints and Braces We are able to fit your pet with an adaptive device or casts and order customized splints or braces that will improve their ability to function. At BARC, we work with several different manufacturers and suppliers so that we may find the best solution for you and your pet. Contact BARC at (310) 542-2727 to schedule an evaluation for your dog or cat and get started on a rehabilitation plan.