Food Therapy

At BARC, we believe that proper nutrition is a key element in the healing process. We want you to know exactly what you are feeding your pet and how it may hinder or benefit them during the rehabilitation process. We take the time to review your pet’s current food and treats, explaining all the ingredients, and if requested can make suggestions for dietary changes that can help your pet’s overall well-being.


We tend to use more supplements in therapy than medications. Every pet can benefit from supplements whether they are for joint health, skin and coat or additional vitamin needs that aren’t being supplied by diet. We carry numerous supplements but recommend only supplements that have been third party tested to assure product quality.

Custom Diets for Weight Loss or Gain

When needed we can customize a diet for your pet to help them achieve weight gain/loss goals. This could include a home cooked diet, store bought or raw diet depending on many factors including cost, time and convenience.

Call us today at (310) 542-2727 with any questions you may have about BARC’s Nutrition Counseling.