At BARC, we understand how important it is to keep pets clean and smelling nice. We also understand that many dogs and cats are injured, in pain, and unable to stand in a tub or on a table for a standard grooming session.  Because of this we offer grooming for our patients in our clean, roomy, well ventilated grooming room.  We have a very large floor shower with great traction where they can lay or stand comfortably, as well as a hydraulic grooming tub that will lift them safely.

We offer a variety of shampoos including oatmeal, de-shedding, and many different scents for you to choose from. We can also trim nails, clean ears and express anal glands.  You can also use our grooming tub for self-service as well!

Contact us at (310) 542-2727 to schedule a grooming appointment with one of our caring BARC staff who understands how to make your pet’s experience not only pleasant, but one that doesn’t exacerbate current conditions.