If you think your dog or cat may need some “wheels” to prolong or improve their mobility, we can help! At BARC we work closely with Eddie’s Wheels and Walkin’ Pets to provide custom fitted carts for pets.  Our team has been measuring and fitting carts for over 12 years and therefore have the most experience in all of southern California.  Many pets with mobility issues can benefit from using a cart or wheelchair built just for them.

It is important to understand what type of wheelchair is appropriate (front wheel, rear wheel, or quad cart).  We help guide in which type of is best and then take all the measurements as well as pictures and videos to send to Eddie’s Wheels or Walkin’ Pets, who then makes a cart for your dog or cat that is custom-built.  Each wheelchair is made of lightweight solid aluminum, adjustable for height and length, easy to use and warranteed for the life of your pet.

Proper measurements are the key to a successful fit and to ensure that your pet will be comfortable!

Contact us at (310) 542-2727 to find out how our team at BARC can help you make the right decision about a cart and get your pet measured correctly.