Welcome to Beach Animal Rehabilitation Center (BARC)

Giving Your Pet A New Leash On Life

Beach Animal Rehabilitation Center (BARC) is a one of a kind veterinary clinic serving the South Bay, Los Angeles, and parts of Orange County specializing in rehabilitation for dogs, cats and horses.  BARC is specifically aimed at helping pets live longer, healthier lives by treating them using a holistic approach combining both Eastern and Western medicine.  We are proud to provide treatment by both Doctors of Veterinary Medicine and Doctors of Physical Therapy, which in combination give your pet the best possible outcomes.  Our  caring, compassionate and experienced staff allow you and your pet to have an improved quality of life.

Rehabilitation is beneficial in treating many conditions and providing pain relief, aiding in recovery and providing overall improved functional mobility.  Conditions that can be helped include: Arthritis, pre and post-surgical treatment, accidents or trauma, gait abnormalities, hip or elbow dysplasia, knee injuries, disc disease, undiagnosed lameness and pain, age related issues, weight loss/gain.

Our Team


These are doctoral educated, California licensed and rehabilitation certified professionals that have taken their knowledge and experience treating humans and applied the same healing techniques to animals with amazing outcomes.


These are all California licensed doctors of veterinary medicine. They each are certified in veterinary acupuncture and rehabilitation as well as having other specialized certifications in areas such as thermography, nutrition and herbal medicine.


Every staff member from the front office to the rehabilitation assistants have had previous experience working with animals. Each one of them has been handpicked by the owners of BARC for their compassionate love for animals and the field of rehabilitation.

Meet Our Team

DVM, CVA, CCRP – Medical Director After receiving her Bachelor of Arts degree from the State University of New York at Stony Brook and a Masters of Arts degree from the City University of New York at Hunter College, Dr.

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Debra Voulgaris
DVM, CVA, CCRP – Medical Director

DVM, CVA Dr. Schiff received her Bachelor of Arts in Zoology from UC Davis in 1997, and her Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from UC Davis in 2002. She has worked at several veterinary hospitals in Los Angeles and here in the

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DVM, CVA Dr. Craig received her bachelor of science in Biology from the University of North Carolina – Charlotte in 2003 and Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from the Atlantic Veterinary College in Prince Edward Island,

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PT, DPT, CCRT – Therapy Director Dr. Kramer received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Physical Education and Recreation from Whittier College in 1990. Following graduation, Dr. Kramer continued her education Cerritos College

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Amy Kramer
PT, DPT, CCRT – Therapy Director

PT, DPT Growing up, Dr. Schwartz was consistently called his dog’s name by his mother. He was convinced as a child that his name was Otis Schwartz. He graduated from Temple University for his undergraduate studies, and then

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PT, DPT Dr. Bukofsky received her Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies from Skidmore College in 2007. She gained a variety of experience working with animals after her undergraduate program, including studying koala

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Rehab Assistant David has been working with animals in the rehabilitation setting for almost 10 years. He worked with animals in general practice before venturing into the rehab world. He is a master at working with animals

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David Cardena
Rehab Assistant

Rehab Assistant Cat has been an animal lover since she was a child. She has been working with dogs doing rehabilitation for several years and loves being able to make a difference in their life. She builds great relationships

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Rehab Assistant Andrea has always been a dog lover growing up with a cocker spaniel and a Saint Bernard. She has been working with dogs for over 4 years and is excited to be working now to improve their lives through

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Andrea La Firenza
Rehab Assistant

Rehab Assistant Gerson has worked with animals in the field of rehabilitation for over 6 years. He is specifically fond of helping animals recover from traumatic injury and has a way with clients. His cares for every pet as

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Gerson Rodriguez
Rehab Assistant

Reception/Rehab Assistant Mariah joins our team with enthusiasm for helping animals. She has always had dogs from the time she was a little girl. She is extremely personable and always available to help where needed. In her

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Mariah Montes
Rehab Assistant

Rehab Assistant Ashia was born and raised in Southern California. She’s loved animals her whole life and has worked with them for about three years. She’s excited to be on the team at BARC and have hands on experience helping

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Ashia Hilliard
Rehab Assistant

Rehab Assistant Having grown up in a family of medical professionals and surrounded by pets, it seemed only fitting that studying to be a veterinarian would be her future. Currently getting her bachelors degree at LMU, Italia

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Italia Passanante
Rehab Assistant

Office Manager/Accounts Payable Michelle brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in both office management and customer service and client relations. For the past 27 years Michelle has owned, operated and managed all

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Michelle Scheck
Office Manager

Marketing Director Carolyn brings many years experience in marketing for animal rehabilitation to her position at BARC. She was previously in the catering business in all aspects including event planning, managing, staffing

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Carolyn LaRocca
Marketing Director

Reception Jamie has been an animal lover since before she could remember so working in the veterinary field seemed only fitting. Prior to joining BARC, she has always worked with animals in general practice and surgery. Her

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Celeny has had a love for animals since before she could walk. She always had a dog, cat, chicken, bird, frog, you name it. Being a voice for animals has always been a passion of hers. Celeny is currently finishing school to

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Celeny Munoz

Our Services


Acupuncture has been used in humans for years with great success and we use it as well in animals to reduce chronic pain and promote health and healing. The American Veterinary Association has recognized acupuncture as becoming a more mainstream part of veterinary medicine and it is widely used in the field of animal rehabilitation.


Modalities This can include the following: LASER therapy which helps decrease inflammation, reduce pain, improve wound healing. Therapeutic Ultrasound which can be used to decrease tightness in muscles, increase blood flow or to drive medicine into an area. Electrical Stimulation which can be used to re-educate muscles that have atrophied, or reduce spasms and pain.

Hydrotherapy/Underwater Treadmill

The healing power of water has been used for years in helping humans recover from injuries. At BARC we use the underwater treadmill to assist with range of motion, strength, endurance and improving your pets ability to weight bear on an injured limb. The underwater treadmill is a great tool but isn’t the answer for


Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (DITI) or thermography, is a highly sensitive diagnostic test that scans and measures infrared radiation or heat at the body’s skin surface. These measurements are translated into an accurate graphic image called a ‘thermogram’. It has been long recognized that changes in skin temperature are under the sympathetic control of the

Ozone Therapy

Ozone is formed when oxygen molecules (O2) split and re-combine 3 oxygen atoms (O3) into a single molecule. This is achieved by running pure oxygen through an ozone generator. ‘Ozonotherapy’ is the use of medical grade ozone, which is highly reactive in the body, to create a curative response.

Carts for Pets

Front Wheel/Rear Wheel and Quad Carts. If your pet is in need of “wheels” to prolong or improve their mobility we can help. At BARC we choose to work closely with Eddie’s Wheels to make sure that your cart is properly measured and built specifically for your pet.


At BARC we understand the needs of injured and ailing pets and therefore are able to offer grooming to pets with special needs and attention. We know that some pets are unable to stand for long periods of time required for grooming, some pets have difficulty standing if able at all.


Food Therapy Nutrition is a key element in the healing process. We at BARC want you to know exactly what you are feeding your pet and how it may benefit them during the rehabilitation process. We will take the time to review your current food explaining all the ingredients and if requested