Shani Ron, PT, DPT

Shani began her career as an animal rehabilitation therapist at the age of 5, practicing on anything that came her way; dogs, cats, snails, birds and many more.  She continued as a therapist until the age of 18 when she joined the Israeli Defense Forces as an Elite Unit Combat Fitness Trainer.  This sparked her interest in human rehabilitation and put her on the track to become a physical therapist.

She graduated from University of California, Santa Barbara with a B.S degree in Biology and a minor in Group and Personal Fitness Training, then traveled to India to study Reiki.  She completed her Masters in Physical Therapy in California State University, Northridge in 2011.  She is currently finishing up her Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy at Western University of Health Sciences and plans on attending the Canine Rehabilitation Institute for certification in 2016.

Her path back to animals was finally reached here at BARC, where she gets to live her passion, combining rehabilitation and quadripeds. When not at BARC, she works as a “human” PT in Providence Tarzana Outpatient PT, or is relaxing with her cat, Tofu, her dog, Boomer (a special needs pup that uses an Eddie’s Wheels cart for mobility) and Panteufle a 14 year old bearded dragon.