Tumeric paste for your pet’s health

BARC makes a special veggie paste that is a great additive to your pet’s food. It contains blueberries which are an anti-oxidant, turmeric which is great for inflammation, black pepper, a vasodialator, that maximizes the effects of the turmeric, vegetables that are packed with vitamins and amino acids, coconut oil which helps with palatability and medium […]

Canine Sports Medicine Symposium

Beach Animal Rehabilitation Center’s own Dr. Amy Kramer was invited to speak at Purina’s 1st Canine Sports Medicine Symposium held at the Purina Farms in St Louis MO at the end of September.  Dr. Kramer is recognized as one of the leaders in the field of canine sports medicine and was speaking alongside of many […]


Diet is the foundation of good health for all of us. But, with so much controversy surrounding animal diets, how do you know what is best to feed your animal companions?? Which diet you choose has to be based on the individual needs of your companion and must also fit realistically into your life. Cost, […]